Sport Explore analyse your video recordings, and using machine learning, it generates detailed and easy-to-read branding reports.

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Upload your videos and generate reports

Following simple flows you can generate all the branding reports you need. The neutral reports will show statistical data about all the detected brands. The branded report will focus all the stats around a single brand, while presenting the rest as an average aggregation. The compare report will revolve around a single brand, while keeping the stats for the rest of the brands in the report.

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You can upload videos summing up to 180 minutes and generate as many reports you want. Try all three reports and see which one fits your needs in the best way.

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You will get all the assistance you need

Don't worry if you find the on-boarding process difficult. If you don't want to bother with our interface all you have to do is to provide us with the video recording and we will send you back the processed report.

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Download Report Sample